12 Kids Bedrooms with Cool Built-Ins

12 Kids Bedrooms with Cool Built-Ins

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Theres no room in the home that puts built-ins to better use than a childs bedroom. From study desks to closets to covered storage, youll find built-ins solve the messy clutter dilemma associated with many kids spaces. Take a look at twelve brilliant built-in configurations and solutions for both boy and girl rooms.

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  • Visualizer: Svoya Studio
This built-in is filled with functionality and purpose. It features a long desk with drawers, closet and turning the corner a connected bench.

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  • Visualizer: Xamatowa
A girl’s bedroom gives off a nautical feel with a weathered wood like wallcovering, built-in galley like beds, and a vintage ship’s wheel.

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  • Source: Viarde
Built-in storage and shelving are perfect for keeping clutter at bay in children’s rooms. This art and homework space features this element to a nice advantage.

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  • Visualizer: Kate Chelyustnikova
This twin bedroom would certainly be happy to wake to each morning with its lemony yellow walls, fun prints and child like exuberance. Built-in shelves above the bed keep favorite items close at hand.

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  • Visualizer: Karan
Ultra modern. this teen girl’s bedroom is awash in blue and pops of brilliant color. A built in closet and desk provide plenty of storage and an area for homework.

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  • Visualizer: Brainbox Factory
What teen boy would dig this hip modern space? A large richly finished desk spans the wall giving plenty of space for playing video games and getting homework done. Glass door cabinets above provide storage space for books and trophies.

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This attic getaway would make the perfect haven for any girl with a plethora of cabinets and shelves for beloved books, nick knacks and framed photos. The ceilings soar giving way to a wide open space for relaxation and play. The Eames armchair serves as the kid’s chair here.

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Stripes are always a classic choice for boy’s bedrooms, but this one has a modern twist. The built-ins fill the space with plenty of work surfaces, storage and display.

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  • Visualizer: Igor Sviridov
This odd shaped built-in provides study and work area on one side and lounge area of the other.

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  • Visualizer: Catherine Domrachava
This hip urban youth bedroom boasts built-ins on opposite walls accommodating siblings or friends. The wall cubbies alternate between doored and open designs adding a color blocked appearance.

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  • Source: Sumeet Gupta
The ultimate built-in for any kids room, this wall unit features off set bunk beds, storage and closet space and work desk.

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  • Source: 3D Connected
This traditional child’s space has a built-in unit running the length of it. It holds a media center, closet, enclosed storage and display shelves. A built-in desk runs the length of the back wall with a large window above.

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