Nordic Interior Design

Nordic Interior Design

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Scandinavian, Scandi, Norse Minimalism…there are as many names for Nordic interior design as there are variants of it. Characterized by white walls, light wooden floors, a constrained hand in styling and an abundance of natural light, the Nordic discipline has students the world over and this collection features two that have mastered it. Curiously, they are both from Vietnam. First to be featured is a striking project from AT. Design Viz. The use of a monochrome palette is dominant in this typically Nordic space and wintery motifs in styling and lighting take obvious inspiration from an original Nordic landscape.

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  • Visualizer: Hoang Minh
This image marks a shift in concept due to a shift in designers. This, and that which is to follow, is the work of Hoang Minh who shows a preference for slightly more contrast in fundamental materials, such as darker wood flooring and boldly black-framed windows. Once again a motif that speaks of a Norsk winter is represented in the black and white print that hangs above the grey tones of the soft furnishings.

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Hoang Minh, while still true to the Nordic style, expands the ethos to include different fundamental materials such as concrete and steel and takes an altogether warmer approach to styling befitting a hip industrial café. The walls are peppered with rustic wooden cabinets that house multi-colored reading materials while windowsills and corners are adorned with indoor plants.

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