Dynamic Duplex from Pulltab Design

Dynamic Duplex from Pulltab Design

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The process by which this split-level residential space came into being was truly bespoke. Pulltab Design of New York City has intricately woven a dialogue with the owners into the project that references modernist influences and inspiration. The duplex occupies 2,400 square feet and viewing the space from the elevated kitchen, tucked high above the white living area, flooded with natural light, proves a cheerful experience. This home after all, was designed to accommodate a young family and in doing so has successfully incorporated a lightness; a friendliness; a warmth, that is sometimes left wanting in such highly contemporary environments.

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Richly elemental in their approach to materials, the design team has taken pains to incorporate bronze, steel and walnut, and finished this furniture grade plywood wall in a high gloss lacquer that makes for an attractive and interactive feature, which is effectively softened and offset by the textural green wall that hovers above an equally reflective water feature.

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Being such a dynamic space of varied levels and focal points, both imposing and recessed, the very nature of the space is one that plays on the creation of shadows, so the black-framed floor to ceiling windows that inhabit the white lounge serve a very real function, in addition to their obvious aesthetic appeal.

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