A Monaco Penthouse set to Rival the Worlds Most Expensive

A Monaco Penthouse set to Rival the Worlds Most Expensive

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These visualizations are not merely a creation of the imagination. They represent a soon-to-be very real building called Tour Odeon, which is set to rival its neighbour: Monacos and the worlds most expensive penthouse, worth a cool $305 million. Expected to be completed mid-2014, work on the façade will begin in July. As the visualizations will attest, the price tag is indicative of the sheer luxury and fantasy of the concept that is at the very heart of this project and culminates at its summit, with the addition of a billionaires playpen: the penthouse. Complete with waterslide access to its private infinity pool that overlooks the Ligurian Sea, the penthouse also boasts an expansive private lobby and interiors by Alberto Pinto.

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The Pinto team will bring their expertise to the birth of this expansive private lobby. The visualization is infused with competing angles, magnetic points of focus and linear layers that exist in a predominantly geometric space. High contrasts in slate and monochrome emanate from the stencil work adorning the floor that is reminiscent of the belle epoque style, borne out of 20th Century Paris, which Giraldi so hoped to capture when setting out on the project.

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The blue of the Ligurian Sea is invited into the breezy yet sophisticated living spaces through floor to ceiling windowed walls by a complimentary palette in soft furnishings. Modern sculptural choices in lighting feature in formal spaces such as the dining room and an intimate yet social impression is created by the incorporation of discreet sitting areas into traditionally private rooms.

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