Worldly Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine [Visualized]

Worldly Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine [Visualized]

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What is immediately striking about this project from Leks Architects is the worldly sophistication that emanates from within. While essentially contemporary, tasteful elements of modern eclecticism evenly fill the space, making for an environment that feels comfortable but not vast. A well-traveled hand in styling subtly contributes accessories from the orient and continental Europe, in the four faces of the Buddha-head vase and the organic kitchen pendant lights that hang like spaghetti drying in an old Italian trattoria. The styling lies in juxtaposition to the high gloss finish of the black lacquered kitchen cabinetry and semi-industrial appeal of the exposed utensil display and stainless steel stools that sit beneath the breakfast bar extension.

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Modern light fixtures illuminate the first clues to the feel of the remaining interior, which like the curvaceous wooden-backed arm chairs that feature in the living room, is wholly more elemental and natural. The bedroom for example, departs from a monochrome color scheme with the introduction of autumn hues and blue accents, but most surprising within this space is the addition of a rich chocolate cowhide rug that lies layered, beneath a functional lover’s daybed.

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The elemental aesthetic climaxes in the bathroom with its contrasting wood grains, luxurious masonry and living accessories, however, focus is returned to the greater contemporary energy with the inclusion of a thoroughly modern chandelier that crowns the substantial tub and beautifully glazed shower with waterfall head.

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