Swedish White Heirloom Apartment

Swedish White Heirloom Apartment

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A quiet, peaceful farm within the city of Linnestaden, Sweden provides the setting for this charming last century apartment set in a 18 unit condominium. Its been recreated with a cheery open-plan living space, throw-back heirloom styling and modern convenience. The apartment solely occupies a single level opening onto a shared courtyard. The entire interior is enveloped in heavenly white which allows the plentiful natural light to dance around the room. The apartments living area is an open space with one room tumbling into the other; creating a sense of being wholly at home regardless of the room youre in. It has been updated with a fully modernized kitchen and bath designed in keeping with the overall style of the space. The rooms white walls, floors and ceilings provide a fresh canvas for the a decor filled with vibrant pops of color. Modern furnishings and accents mix beautifully with homey casual pieces for an exciting eclectic look.

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The bedroom is eclectically decorated with bright colors and differing styles for an overall relaxed appeal.

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While the dining area may look small, it is capable of accommodating up to 12 guests while remaining comfortable and open.

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The fully modernized kitchen offers plenty of work space and open area to move about freely. The illuminated glass cabinet door and warm earthy counter tops give a charming homey touch which balances the modernity of the space.

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This view of the living space including dining, living and bedroom show its bright, energetic appeal and quaint lifestyle possibilities.

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The bedroom is eclectically decorated with bright colors and differing styles for an overall relaxed appeal.

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