Green Office Inspiration: Where Line meets Lime!

Green Office Inspiration: Where Line meets Lime!

This contemporary commercial space is the Neo Derm Medical Aesthetic Centre in Hong Kong, created by interior designers and architects Beige Design.

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The architects took ‘line’ and ‘lime’ as the inspiration for creating an energized and youthful solution to the design brief, as well as approaching it with a concept of sustainability and continuity: “Backdrop of the reception is a lime color wall with a front layer of translucent recycled resins panel, the embossed lines on the panel are just like the light beams dashing around to embrace the space speedily. A clean white high-gloss paint reception island landed on the reconstitute stone flooring to create a contrast to the backdrop.”

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The treatment rooms within the skin care center are designed with multifunction in mind, to allow them to work on an aesthetic level as well as a practical one; a sliding picture conceals a mirror over a cosmetic table, which also forms an attractive way in which to prevent reflection inside the room during laser treatment.

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Line work has been used to subconsciously guide patients into treatment rooms, following the dashing line pattern on the reception backdrop, ceiling, corridor artwork and product display shelves lit by LEDs.

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The ceiling holds a series of white beams of varying lengths to create architectural lines above a lime-on-lime reception area that has been designed to emphasize the young and rejuvenated brand essence. The fabric sofas have been designed with soft, rounded edges to appear inviting and welcoming to customers.

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