Taiwanese Apartment With Simple Layout and Punchy Palette

Taiwanese Apartment With Simple Layout and Punchy Palette

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Part of the visual feast at that is the work of WCH Interior, this Taiwanese home interior caught our eye with its strong simplicity of layout lifted with a punchy color palette.

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Bold orange accents are scattered throughout the open plan apartment, where a low slung accent chair sings in the zesty hue, and a large over dining table pendant shade reveals a matching lining.

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The contemporary bookcases that line one wall of the home display matching orange accents of smaller proportions to keep the accent going in an understated fashion.

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Whilst the walls of this dwelling are painted a crisp plain white, black base notes have been added to give weight to the airy scheme in the form of contrasting furniture and accessories.

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One of the most eyecatching black accent pieces in the place comes in the stunning form of a grand piano-a thing of beauty whether you are a classically trained musician or just tinkle the keys for kicks!

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A dining bench on one side of the suite allows the eye-line to flow more freely up and over the eating space by simplifying the overall silhouette.

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Fitted wardrobes in the bedroom have been designed in a handleless run to give an uncomplicated streamlined look.

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