10 Unusual Wall Art Ideas

10 Unusual Wall Art Ideas

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Add wow factor to your plain walls with these set of tips on creating unusual wall art ideas and altogether unconventional ways to fill up your blank spaces.

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Forget the patent wars with Apple, Samsung’s test lab uses some of these drawings as cool art murals, both interesting to look at and fitting with the theme of their surroundings.

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Via Armen Gevorkya
This pop art wall feature is perfect for comic book fans; why not blow up a favorite super hero or villain scene as a backdrop to your room? There are companies that will blow up the size of any image to create a wall covering for you, or if you are arty you could hire a projector to shine your outline onto the wall so that you can draw around it and then simply paint in the gaps.

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This colorful little gem of metal wall art appears to be made from old paint cans; an excellent way in which to recycle whilst forming something fabulous!

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Via Jordi Miralles
Put all of those random family and friend snaps to good use by making a photographic extravaganza!

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Via Armen Gevorgyan
Check out this oversized map as a headboard feature, and dream of all the places you’ll go… zzzzz.

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Make a big statement about your family home with a big quote.

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Indoor climbing plants form a beautiful feature for nature loving homeowners.

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Imagine waking up to these TWELVE alarm clocks! But look a little closer and you’ll find that each one has been stopped on the hour that it represents as part of the big clock, clever stuff.

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An unusual storage system doubles up as art thanks to an optical illusion.

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And while we are on the topic of unusual ways to fill up a wall…

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