Comfortable Contemporary Decor

Comfortable Contemporary Decor

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Contemporary design may not always look too homey or comfortable when it comes to cold concrete feature walls and exposed brick, but it all comes down to a matter of creating balance. The balance of cozy contempo has been illustrated to great effect in this home by Fertility Design, so lets take a look at how its done.

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In the living room, the cool gray concrete that form the backdrop to the sofa area is offset by the inviting plush look of the suite, set on an ultra fluffy rug to wriggle your toes into.

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Out on the balcony area, the small outside space is made the most of with a modern rocking chair where you can take in some fresh air and a touch of nature. Wood planking has been used to floor this exterior space to create a flow from the timber flooring indoors, evoking the feeling of one continuous living space.

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Wood cladding has also been taken up and over the walls to bring more warmth into the minimally decorated apartment, and much of the furniture employs a complimentary grain.

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In the dual purpose dining room/home office a splash of color adds personality and vibrance.

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