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Open Plan Home with Oomph

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The design scheme in an open plan home can at times appear at little lost in the generous expanse of space, where the eye is free to wander quickly over each zoning without ever resting on anything particularly interesting. Your job as the designer/owner of an open plan space is to temporarily stop those impatient wandering eyes at regular small intervals by installing interesting features, inviting the viewer to settle on and appreciate something, just for a second. This house by Fertility Design offers an insight into the art of creating character in such a space.

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A letterbox of light flanks the dining place, creating ambient lighting as well as breaking a plain wall.

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Zone pit stops can be created with the introduction of carefully placed pendant lights in strong colors; this interior uses bold black shades in varying shapes to draw the eye and define each area.

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A carefully placed mirrored panel at the end of the breakfast reflects the room, doubling the interest.

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A home office situated behind the lounge is backed by a huge wall of attractive shelving that is divided into irregular cubby holes, where attractive items can be displayed over undulating levels.

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