The Delectable Hotel Du Cap Eden Rock

The Delectable Hotel Du Cap Eden Rock

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The amazing Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, on the southern tip of the Cap dAntibes, on the Côte dAzur between Nice and Cannes, gazes out over a magnificent Mediterranean Sea view and the Lérins Islands, and is backed by twenty-two acres of mature gardens and a green pine forest.

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Boasted as a place that has been created and maintained by an award-winning team of true artisans, and with the French Riviera just a short blast away, the majestic building is one that draws the most discerning of guests, with its promises of exclusivity, perfection and privacy.

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Renowned for its luxurious rooms, suites and villas, with park, rose garden or sea views, even one bedroom accommodation offers a private terrace and outdoor Jacuzzi, whilst two palatial villas that are situated away from the main buildings feature a tranquil outdoor swimming pool shielded by trees, and even house a personal butler!

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Building on unsurpassed views of the sea, the 118 holiday abodes have state-of-the-art amenities, private bars and marble bathrooms complete with floating twin basins and glamorously lit mirrors. Delicate décor throughout provides a fresh and airy atmosphere, whilst lavish pooling curtains, chic chandeliers, and high quality furniture reek of luxury, expense and finery.

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