Living Room Style Statements

Living Room Style Statements

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Michael Nugroho is the artist behind these three detailed sets of home design visualization, showing contemporary spaces with sleek style, solid sophistication, and bright vigor.

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This first concept takes us through an interesting transition in light over an open plan living space, where huge dual-level floor to ceiling windows embrace the natural light of the incoming day, unobstructed by window dressings, from early sunrise till dusk.

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As darkness falls the room glitters with the glow from a central cascading multi-pendant light. Inbuilt LED strip lighting runs the length of an extensive entertainment unit, which spans the entire width of the room, drawing focus to the collectibles along its recessed shelf, and throwing soft light along the slab floor.

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A vivacious feature wall is home to this room’s sound and vision equipment, creating a design buzz before the electricity is even turned on. A large rug continues the molecular pattern in bright red on white, and a punchy coffee table pulls the two together on a mid height level.

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Masculine black furniture is lifted with rich walnut tones, and clean white wall mounted storage units, in this serious yet comfortable space complete with subtle backlit shelving and style statement Eames chair.

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