Dreamy Spaces Rendered By Muhammad Taher

Dreamy Spaces Rendered By Muhammad Taher

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Ok, some of these designs may be considered a bit over-the-top for real day-to-day life, but when it comes to dream-like interiors and majestic home design, Muhammad Taher dreams bigger than many.

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When thinking of picture perfect homes, Taher thinks of romance and elegance, luxury and opulence, all set in a warm dappled sun drenched haze, over the sophisticated perfection of traditional good style.

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The grandeur of this room is of a scale where nobody could actually inhabit it, but rather wander softly through it, appreciating the splendor in hushed tones with the rest of a tourist party, for this surely is the stuff palaces and stately homes are made of.

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This idyllic pool scene would certainly not look out of place in the latest music video, full of the indulgent excesses in life that make us want to play the lottery! We may envy places like this for the two minute duration of a pop song, but it could be a little lonely to wander around such a vast estate day-in-day-out; it would, however, make a fantastic holiday destination, and with a Tuscan villa as beautiful as this, we doubt you’d ever be short on company for long!

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