Inspirational Outdoor Spaces

Inspirational Outdoor Spaces

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Bimonthly online magazine, Lonny, is a superb source of style for interior design enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. Founded by designer Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline, Lonny features great images to inspire our outdoor spaces, whether we have sunny roof terraces, leafy lairs, prim patios, or are dreaming of a poolside paradise.Create levels in your garden by adding a pergola, not only do they look pretty, but they can create much needed shade in a south facing garden. For gardens on a larger scale, go for a cabana that will provide both shade from the sun, and a barrier from the wind in more open spaces. Try hanging pretty colored lanterns from your structure, they will take your outdoor entertaining area all the way through from daytime dining, to drinks after dark. Keep modern outdoor chairs comfortable with seat pads and cushions, ensuring your guests will stay longer!

Watch the video: Art Studio - A Renter Finds Inspiration in Her Garden Oasis Sanctuary - S1E2 (July 2022).


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