The Viceroy Hotel, Bali

The Viceroy Hotel, Bali

We received a lot of queries about an image featured in our Dozen Spots That Make Us Say Wow! post we did a while back. That particular image, the 2nd one in that post, was uncredited as we couldnt pin a source to it back then. Given the attention it was receiving we decided to dig around a bit and have now the whereabouts of this paradise. It is The Viceroy in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia and it is one of the most serenely beautiful vacation spots in the world. With its excessive indoor and outdoor pools, majestic mountain views, and lush green surroundings, it is quite a surreal place.

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A semi circular terrace offers majestic and breathtaking views of Ubud’s lush forestry.

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The deluxe terrace suite offers couples romantic and private relaxation areas.

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Many of the rooms come with their own private pools, sometimes flowing indoors or outdoors.

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The luxury hotel chain describes the architecture and design of their Bali counterpart as harmonious with nature and full of warm light, with beautiful views and a soothing atmosphere overall.

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The jacuzzi.

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The simple Asian-inspired decor, indoor pool, and overflow of warm light make the restroom an especially soothing space.

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Some pools flow through the interiors of the terrace suites, enhancing guests’ connection to the outdoors, even while inside.

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A luxurious tub with floating flower petals is truly romantic for couples.

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Marble floors and sumptuous, dark red curtains decorate the sensuous master bedroom.

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Enjoy a truly memorabl meal on the terraces of the Viceroy, with their stunning views.

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The Viceroy Bali at night.

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