The Luxurious Red Dragon Yacht

The Luxurious Red Dragon Yacht

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We dont usually feature yachts here, but we just couldnt pass up The Red Dragon - a 52-meter sailing yacht with ultra-luxurious, contemporary interiors. Constructed by Alloy Yachts and designed by Wilmotte Associates, the epic yacht is as sturdy as it is beautiful, with the ability of fast passages and long periods of autonomy, according to Alloys website. It was deemed a finalist in the 2008 Boat International World Super Yacht Awards, but surely anyone that catches a glimpse of this yacht on the water would find themselves in awe of its beauty.

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Driftwood plucked from the Caribbean shores, were used as color and texture inspiration for the interiors, and were repeated throughout the yacht for a harmonious effect. Some doors are only distinguished by their metal handles.

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Light fixtures were installed under furniture to add more light and space to the room. They also made some furniture pieces appear to be floating.

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The master bedroom, like the rest of the rooms in the yacht, is paneled with rectangular pieces of matte – varnished, blonde oak. Pale charme planks line the living room floors, while silk carpeting decorates the bedroom floor.

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The Red Dragon even has a small office for those that cannot escape their work (even when on a luxury yacht).

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Firm Wilmotte Associates took a cue from the clean lines of the exterior of the yacht, and created the modern, uncluttered, and angular design for the interiors. Quite impressive for a design company that has never styled a yacht before.

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Even the main operating area is sleek, stylish, and modern.

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The flybridge deck, a white superstructure above the main deck, is the action area.

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The cockpit table on the main deck allows for casual, informal lunches and socializing.

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The back of the main deck is spacious and perfect for relaxing as you float along the water.

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