Google Russia Offices

Google Russia Offices

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You havent seen them all yet. Googles Russia Offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow, both designed by Swiss firm, Camenzind Evolution, are as vibrant and exotic as the unique cities they are located in. Similar to AOLs offices and Pixars offices, both of which we have featured here, Googles spaces include meeting dens that foster employee interaction and game rooms for healthy breaks and recreation time.

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Google employees are welcomed by this brick-lined front desk at the entrance, which sets the laid-back tone of the whole office space.

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A European style coffee bar is a nice accent to the tables and chairs and lounging areas of the office cafeteria.

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A comfortable and colorful living room serves as an unofficial meeting spot for employees and even features a drawing board.

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More meeting spaces…

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Like much of the rest of the office, this area is designed whimsically and colorfully to foster a creative and even, artistic environment.

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Looks like a bird sanctuary!

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Like every company should, Google takes care of its employees, and the spaces include a game room, where hard-workers can take a recreational break, relax, and rewind.

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A more official meeting space includes a larger table and seating for more people.

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