World No Tobacco Day: 6 Things That Remind You Not To Smoke

World No Tobacco Day: 6 Things That Remind You Not To Smoke

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Today, the 31rst of May, is observed as World No Tobacco day around the world and it was created by the World Health Organization(WHO) to spread awareness of the harmful health effects of tobacco which lead to 5.4 million deaths worldwide annually. We wont pretend to be a health blog, but we believe that besides tobaccos adverse health effects, it has serious detrimental effects on the atmosphere within a home. The quality of air comes down and the resultant toxins produced can make the air very uncomfortable to breath. Today, we would like to feature a few interesting items that send a message to excessive smokers. Hopefully this should inspire some of them to consider quitting!

Watch the video: PSA: World No Tobacco Day, 2020 (July 2022).


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