Fancy Staircase Treatments

Fancy Staircase Treatments

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Whether whimsical or precise, traditional or state-of-the-arts, staircases add significant interior architecture value to an abode. This collection demonstrates all of the above. They brilliantly blossom with color. They demonstrate the family-oriented character of the home’s owners. They take our breath away, and they lend a sense of stability or mystery.

So many staircases seem matter of fact, or at least blasé. Others bear no railings and seemingly no security measure for those with height concerns, but staircases can be designed to fit any style.

Most of today’s posts demonstrate that contemporary doesn’t automatically mean monochromatic. Nor is it entirely linear. Today there are far more choices including elegant yet tight curves, labyrinthine hand-rail sculptures, warm lines, and near invisibility.

They may be narrow but the contrast between steep colorful twists and stark white walls makes a compelling experience.

Take a journey through psychedelic lyrics or along a ‘yellow brick road.’

Parents and kids can enjoy this young-at-heart staircase.

Floating through images of Mexican architect Luis Barragán stunning, classic works.

Create multiple uses or an eclectic aesthetic.

Contrast horizontal texture with the vertical nature of the stairs.

Sculptured balustrades and rails lend another layer of aesthetics.

Perhaps an art that harkens back to the work of Dalí?

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