Scandinavian Houses: Video Walkthroughs

Scandinavian Houses: Video Walkthroughs

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We have all seen them. Those pretty little houses from Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway Sweden in case you didn’t know) with milky white interiors that always seem to look awesome in images. We ourselves have been guilty of featuring them here over and over again and still continue to do so!

But what makes this post a little different is that this time we are throwing in architectural video walkthroughs of some of these homes. These Scandinavian style houses were visualized by Swedish media agency Tenjin Visuals. Though the designs shown here stay true to the philosophy of ‘stark-white-and-modern’ that you normally expect of homes from these part of the world, a few little surprises are packed in as well. Check out the videos below:

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Watch the video: Interior Design Inside A Bright Scandi-Style Family Home (July 2022).


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