Mesmerizing Villa in the Spanish Coast

Mesmerizing Villa in the Spanish Coast

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All that glitters is not gold certainly doesnt apply to the Villa Colani on the Spanish island of Majorca. This house, which was inspired by the well-known designer Luigi Colani, went for a cool $28 million on eBay classified, after being completed in 2009.This ultra luxurious retreat has every comfort covered from the 1,230 square feet of 24 carat gold used in the swimming pool and house to the remote controlled appliances, curtains and security system to the Swarovski crystal panels in the select Colani doorThe opulent finishes clearly show the houses Majorcan influence. The custom made spherical appliances reflect Colanis organic and futuristic forms for which he is so famous.Even from afar the Villa Colani shines with the exterior painted bright orange and diverse mix of traditional sculptures, spindle balustrade to the blue marble columns with gilded plinths.This well publicised extravaganza reached its climax when Colani came in person to the site to view the installation of the Colani door.

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