Beautiful Modern House Rendered by Marc Canut

Beautiful Modern House Rendered by Marc Canut

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We were impressed by the work we came across of designer Marc Canut who specializes in 3D architectural renders. Marc’s rendition of home interiors using computer graphics is impressive and the command he has over light and form is very much on display in these images. With open architecture, designer chairs and tasteful minimalism, the images below capture the essence of a typical modern classic home.

Living room wall panels slide to reveal a television…

Not sure how comfortable that couch is.

Generous use of wood here.

Designer touches – Hans Wagner’s Wishbone chair above and Verner Panton’s S chairs below. [Intrigued by chairs? Check out our designer chairs article to know which is which :) ]

Marc shows on his site some interesting visuals of how the interiors change in mood as the day transitions into night. Check out the video below.

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Watch the video: Modern Elegance, Beauty and Sophistication in Palm Springs. Open House TV (July 2022).


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