50 Modern Bathrooms

50 Modern Bathrooms

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We are just awestruck by this Italian company Cerasa‘s bathroom collection. Brought to our attention by style spotter Trendir, these designs ooze a sort of vitality we rarely see of such spaces. With in-floor bathtubs and luxury furniture the atmosphere they bring about is akin to those found in spas. Obviously most of the concepts do require a lot of space and we suspect any of these would find room in a typical apartment setting. But if you are the kind of person who is not too shy to treat yourself to some niceties (plus have space to play around with), you might want to give this a look.

Also we wanted to put in a tip for furniture designers who would like to have their work featured here. If you would like to know the secret of having your entire catalog featured in a design blog for free, you might want to take a cue from Cerasa’s website. The site is pretty much what design bloggers like us look for – no fancy flash animations, clean sensible navigation and most importantly a gallery of high resolution images of professionally photographed product realizations. How often furniture makers fail us in this respect, we have lost count.

Layout and decor is just one of the many ways to bring about an air of luxury to your bathrooms. Adding unique accessories is another sure-fire way to stand apart.Do check out these three posts that help you do that:

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