Kitchens from German Maker Poggenpohl

Kitchens from German Maker Poggenpohl

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We are quite impressed with what Poggenpohl has cooked up with its new Artesio range for 2011. Designed with inputs from renowned German architect Hadi Teherani they have experimented with the now-not-so-uncommon concept of cooking+living. It expands on traditional kitchen design by blending kitchen duty with your overall lifestyle. In recent years the open kitchen/living room plan has captured consumer hearts for allowing the multi-tasking chef to interact with their families and guests while cooking. Added in are a lot of bells and whistles including hidden contraptions, and unique platforms for display and lighting which all together seamlessly open up to the rest of the home’s architecture.

Take a look:

Check out a few of the other goodies from their stables.

Here is another interesting design that they churned out in partnership with Porsche. (yep, the sports car company).

And if you think it is quite odd for a sports car maker to partner with a kitchen company, check this post out! Sports car kitchen makers

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Watch the video: P7340 Poggenpohl Porsche Design Kitchen Launch Part 2 (August 2022).