Amazing House Built Across a River

Amazing House Built Across a River

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This rustic retreat was built right in the heart of Three Rivers, California near the entrance to Sequoia National Park where the enchantment of wildlife sightings runs wild. What also happens to run wild is the river that flows under this home, something that has never been done before or ever since! Kaweah Falls was originally designed in the 1940’s by one of Frank Wright’s very own students, but when the second homeowners moved in and remodeled they decided to add an addition to the home that floats over the river bank.

Aside from a few cool interior features like a dining room with a glass floor view of the river, there is a footbridge over these waters that lead to a private deck where one can sit and listen to the sounds of fresh water skimming river rocks on the way down from a waterfall found right up the mountain. Choosing a vacation spot for these homeowners is definitely a tall order…but who would want to leave this place?

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The house is up for grabs for just under $2 Million.

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Watch the video: This Miami House Has an Actual Lazy River Running Through It (July 2022).


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