Paradise in Germany: A Modern Minimalist Dream House

Paradise in Germany: A Modern Minimalist Dream House

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This minimalist white home is indeed a reflection of clean, pure and serene environment, but what makes it luxurious are the materials and technology with which each edifice is constructed. Apparently, splashes of abstract color sparsely strewn here and there are enough to satisfy a modern palette. The clean-lined architecture and simple landscape at this residence was designed by German company C18 Architekten who stayed true to their country’s architectural heart. Some people may consider this home a bit too sterile, but minimalism is definitely an acquired taste-one that appreciates the proper balance between simplicity and eccentricity. With what appears to be a rock garden adorning the poolside, one better hope the homeowner sports one heck of a floral-printed swimsuit! To live in a minimalist’s paradise…

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