EVOLVER: Cool 720 Degree Continuous Turn Viewing Structure

EVOLVER: Cool 720 Degree Continuous Turn Viewing Structure

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Home? No. Cool? Yes. This spiral viewing structure built to savour the stunning panorama surrounding lake Stelli, Zermatt, is the joint effort of a group of students from ALICE studio, an architectural institute in Switzerland. Made completely in wood and supported by 24 twisted frames, the EVOLVER was designed to serve as both a destination and an activity for viewers touring Zermatt. As the viewer progresses through the space, a concealed but uninterrupted 720° movement is unraveling along a transformed panorama and with each step he gets a slightly different view of the landscape.

Check out the video by ALICE team: (If you are reading this through email, you might need to visit this link to view the video: 2010/07/evolver)

For a more comprehensive look at the construction of this structure, jump to the team’s page.

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