Beautiful Colour Paper Sculptures

Beautiful Colour Paper Sculptures

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Carlon Meira is an artist whose soft sculpting skills have been appreciated the world over. Paper sculpting is a fragile art that exhibits joys and splendor of festivities of Brazil. His designs are inspired by Brazilian soccer players and carnival festivals. The sculptures are so rich in volume and flawless that at first glimpse they appear to be three dimensional. The characters are inspired from real life but look three dimensional owing to the precision that Carlos puts into every crease and fold of paper.

His enormous talent finds home in the colorful themes he conceives and executes on paper. His art has found several admirers in some of the biggest advertising brands and high profile corporations. As he goes on with his unmatched skills, he is bound to find more and more fans. We are surely topping the list and believe you would hop onto the bandwagon too once you’ve had a look at these pictures.

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