VitraHaus: A Building With Many Views

VitraHaus: A Building With Many Views

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VitraHaus, a german furniture manufacturing company has had architects Herzog and de Meuron design for a them an amazing place for the presentation of their collection. The building is unique in its concept as it takes inspiration from the typology of the houses in the locality. The end result is superimposition of twelve houses.

The insides of the house have the VitraHaus collection at display. Each room has a touch screen where the visitors can browse the catalogues. The place remains open from ten until six in the evening. If you can’t go visit you can atleast take a sneak peek into this Vitra.

Video and pictures follow. (If you are reading this through email you need to visit, the following link to see the video: 2010/03/vitrahaus

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Watch the video: (May 2022).


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