Beachside villa with a stunning view

Beachside villa with a stunning view

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Situated in the Bukit Peninsula on the southern cliff of Bali, Indonesia, this beachside villa is built as an ecologically sustainable edifice. With locally available materials like coconut and bamboo timbers, this lodge was constructed keeping the topography of the area in mind, to avoid drastic construction procedures.

Rainwater harvesting, recycling water, naturally vented public areas, low energy lighting and non-chemical termite treatment are some of the various environmentally sound techniques used in the construction of this holiday home. Redefining luxury in the true sense of the word, where emphasis is placed on enjoying natural beauty rather than materialistic pleasures, this house embraces the local landscape to highlight its presence.

The work on this design started in 2003 and construction commenced in 2005. With 50 suites and 35 residential villas in totality, this place mesmerizes and functions beautifully, in harmony.

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