Modern Chinese Interior Design

Modern Chinese Interior Design

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A little birdie comes to us from China, showcasing the brilliance that exists in the Chinese interior design industry. Modern Chinese interior designs are evolving and these images are beautiful, because they strike a fine balance by combining tradition and contemporary designs.

Luxury living is being redefined and emphasis is being laid on comfortable living, without compromising on style. These pictures spell sheer style, sophistication and brilliance of design while being modest in their color codes.

These images come to you from 14 YA, a company that works to create sophisticated and chic luxury homes.

Having given our take on Chinese interior designs before, we would definitely like to hear what you think about these pictures.

Even though 14 YA does not have a website yet, you can get in touch with them on their QQ id, which is: 804168359. QQ is a popular Instant Messenger application(similar to MSN Yahoo Messenger) which is very popular in China.

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