Ideas for Teen Rooms with Small Space

Ideas for Teen Rooms with Small Space

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We have gotten a lot of feedback from readers that they require ideas for rooms that are a bit short on space. Here is a set of space saving furniture for teen rooms from Italian maker Clei. The highlight of these space saving teen room designs are their foldable beds which can be folded to conserve floor space when not in use. The good part is that it still doesn’t look like a make shift arrangement and the finish looks brilliant.

The images that follow show lovely arrangements for teen bedrooms with folding beds. If you come across some other cool space saving teen rooms that you think need to be featured here at Home-Designing, please mention that in the comments. Also we run a steady stream of cool posts like this at Home Designing and if you like to be notified when we have more such inspiring posts, please subscribe to our feed or newsletter. (It is free.)

The cots, desks, wardrobes and closets in the images provide a perfect system that gives enough storage space without taking away the floor space leaving the bedrooms as spacious as ever.

The arrangement is kept simple by limiting the shelves, cabinets, closets as well as the desk and the cot to just one wall. Very modern, and minimalistic. Check out the rugs, btw!

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