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Barbie House

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Barbies and young girls. We will probably never understand the connection between them but that doesn’t make us not appreciate the creativity involved in this structure that is devoted to the world’s most famous and loved doll. Mattel, the parent company that own some of the world’s top toy brands, (including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fischer Price American Girl) has gifted this amazing toy store called ‘House of Barbie’ to Shanghai city in China.

This six-story flagship is the very first store devoted to the world’s favorite doll.The project was conceived by the branding and advertising agency Ogilvy Mather and designed by Slade Architecture to celebrate Barbies of every variety.The front of the building shimmers pink, purple, and white at night as light passes through floral patterns in panels of polycarbonate and fritted glass.

The 35,000-square-foot interior behind the facade is a wonderment.It is like an inspirational boutique with a playhouse feeling that could make the shoppers wonder who is on display there. The dolls or themselves?

The store also includes a lovely cafe designed to give a Barbie feel as with the rest of the store.With a Barbie of every kind, in every possible outfit with tons of accessories to go along with it, this is one fun(and dangerous, if you know what we mean!) place to bring your young Barbie fan to!

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