Amazing Kids Room Designs by Italian Designer Berloni

Amazing Kids Room Designs by Italian Designer Berloni

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Berloni is another one of those Italian powerhouses in contemporary furniture design that just keeps rolling out amazing sets. The produce kitchen cabinets, sofas, tables chairs, beds, wardrobes, well… in short, furniture for the whole home. We especially like their kids room furniture sets and will feature those in this post.

If you look at these rooms designed for children, you will find that they hugely vary in their design. Some rooms feature bunk beds for kids, some feature twin bedding option, and some even make interesting use of space by place bedding right next to the study. The colour schemes work well too and the designer’s mastery in creating a great overall visual effect is evident here.

Their design Philosophy:

We observe people everyday: how they change, what their emotions are and what they need from their living space. Because we cannot think of a space without first imagining feelings, desires and needs.

Perhaps that is why the name Berloni has always been perceived as being close, familiar and alive. Because we also change everyday, together with the world, with technologies and with people’s tastes. And because the interiors that we offer are those where we ourselves would also like to be, and where, in fact, our designers and the people that work at Berloni actually live.
Everyday we go out into the world to gather hints, suggestions and ideas and come up with offers that are versatile, innovative and reliable. For families, for single people or for youngsters that are setting up home for the first time.

For all those who ask Berloni for something more, something better: because it is Berloni, because it is an Italian company and it is a leader, because it is different from the rest.
Because it is made up of people who think about people.

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